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September 9, 2020 - 12:43 pm, in Advanced Converting Works, Announcements, News

Toll Converting…

It’s an on-demand service, It’s cost-effective, It’s a time saver with lightning quick turnaround.

Our toll converting services include… Lamination, Slitting, Laser Scoring.


Solventless laminating works to improve both the barrier properties and appearance of a variety of films for flexible packaging. Our adhesive lamination also allows for higher speeds and lower waste costs. We operate redundant facilities so that we can accommodate every customer’s adhesive laminating needs, as well as ensuring uninterrupted service and quality.

Our lamination processes preserve the quality of your packaging and provide a protective layer between the printed ink, your product, and your customers. Lamination can also create a unique combination of materials that allow for sophisticated solutions for all your packaging needs. We’re dedicated to maintaining high standards and thorough testing during our lamination process.

  • Solventless Lamination Lines
  • Final Web Width up to 59”
  • Full and Partial Webs
  • 2, 3, and 4-Layer Construction
  • Toll Lamination for:
    • Overflow
    • Contract Service
    • Pre-Production/Trials
    • Streamlined integration to our slitting and pouching operations
    • Customer or ACW Supplied Roll Stock


Technical Specs…

Slitting Method
Sheer w/Independent Top Knives
Razor in Air
Razor in Groove

Maximum Input Roll Width
72 inches

Maximum Output Roll Diameter
30 inches

Unwind Core Inner Diameter
3 Inches
6 Inches

Rewind Core Inner Diameter
3 Inches
6 Inches

Slit Width Range (in.)
2 Inches
72 Inches

Slitting Tolerances (in.)

Thickness Range (in.)

Splice Options
Lap Splice
Butt Splice

Input Roll Weight Limit
3000 lbs

Guiding Capabilities

Type of Rewinding
Slip Shaft (Differential)
Center Winding

Winder Drive Options
Center Winding

Individual Branding Capabilities

Confidentiality Control

FSSC 22000 Certified

Significant capacity available Toll and Contract Slitting for:

  • Overflow & Surge capacity
  • Pre-Production
  • Trials or Prototypes

Improved Speed to Market with:

  • Upstream integrated service with lamination
  • Downstream integration service to pouching

Laser Scoring

Provides a value-added feature for the consumer while preserving the barrier layers of the package.

Incoming Core Size: 3” or 6”
Max two (2) scores per roll
Offline laser scoring, downstream in-house services to pouch conversion
Toll laser scoring