Child-resistant closures are NOT just a gimmicky add-on

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June 17, 2021 - 11:09 am, in Advanced Converting Works, News

Some products are meant for adults only and are definitely not meant to be in the small hands of young ones. In fact, it can be dangerous. Yet there are a lot of myths out there about child-resistant packaging that make manufacturers nervous, including that it’s too expensive. Or it takes longer to get. Or you’re just not sure who you can trust to know the packaging regulations for your specific market.

ACW has solved ALL of these problems! We are trusted experts who helped pioneer the child-resistant landscape. Child-resistant packaging is not some gimmicky upsell for us, it’s a way we can partner with you to keep your product selling fast while being socially responsible and protecting our children – all while keeping your costs minimal and with rapid turnaround times.

We serve a wide range of markets including THC and CBD, tobacco products, prescription drugs, diet products, chemicals, detergents, and more. Specifically for the cannabis sector, we can provide top load and side load pouches in addition to compliant exit bags for dispensaries.

Did you know?

  • Flexible packaging uses less resources to produce and can also be less expensive than traditional bottles and jars.
  • Flexible packaging reduces shipping costs because you can ship more flexible bags/pouches than rigid containers at one time. (That means less emissions, too!)

Why partner with ACW?

  • At ACW, we can add a child-resistant closure for as little as 2-4% added cost to the overall package!
  • We’ve got the expertise you need – we were one of the first companies to offer child-resistant pouches and we’ve kept up with continuously changing regulations that vary from state to state. You don’t need to know a thing about packaging. We’ve got this!
  • Our pouches meet the requirements of the Poison Prevention Packaging Act.
  • Our pouches are certified by third party testing in accordance with CPSC 16 CFR Section 1700.20 and referenced by ASTM D3475.
  • If you want a resealable pouch, we offer press-to-close zippers (like a sandwich bag) and sliders (a clip that glides across the top of the pouch to open/close). All child-resistant.
  • We offer integrated services from prepress to the final package – you get as much help as you need from us from package design through fulfillment.
  • All components are made right here in the USA, so material is in stock ready to start your order ASAP.
  • We gladly handle large and small orders.
  • You’ll receive a personal consultation with one of our experts to create your custom, functional, uniquely branded package.
  • Our quotes are always free.

Ready to get started? Contact us! We’d love to hear from you.