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Stand up pouches (SUP’s) are extremely versatile with virtually unlimited design potential and the widest array of available features among flexible packages. The expandable bottom gusset enables the pouch to stand upright on the shelf and can be sealed in various styles to achieve desired aesthetics and functionality.

Stand Up Pouch
The bottom gusset can be folded (“plowed”) using a single web of material, or it can be inserted as a separate web (inserted gussets are ideal for different colored and clear bottoms).
Additional pouch types and services:
  • Custom shapes/die cuts
  • Retort and hot-filled applications (when contents are pre-cooked or will be cooked inside the pouch)
  • Liquid-filled
  • Double cut (for full-bleed graphics)

Available Pouch Features

Tear Notches

Tear notches provide a starting point for the consumer to tear the pouch open.

Hang Holes

A hole punched into the top of the pouch allows it to hang on a hook in the store.

Handle Holes

Standard or custom handle holes assist the consumer with carrying large, awkward or heavy pouches.


Vents allow air to move through the pouch and prevent it from bursting when squeezed or flattened.

Zippers and Closures

Our variety of zippers includes small and large flange, leak-resistant, hook-and-loop, tactile, soft touch, and powder-resistant.

Slider Closures

Multiple styles of slider closures are available. Coming Soon: Child-Resistant Sliders!

Zippers and Sliders

Child-resistant closures are important for certain products. Press-to-close and slider options are available.

Custom Bottom Seals

Bottom seals are necessary for inserted gussets and can also be added to plowed (folded) gussets for added strength and stability.


Hanging bundles on wicket wires can reduce hand-loading time for filling. Once the pouches are filled, the wicket and wicket lip are removed.

Laser Scores

The top layer of film is lightly scored to assist the consumer in opening the pouch (often placed between tear notches).


A dashed line is punched through all film layers to assist the consumer in opening the pouch (typically placed between tear notches).

One-Way Valves

One-way valves allow gases to escape the pouch without letting oxygen in. This keeps certain products fresher and can improve shelf life.


Spouts can be applied for fill-through and fill-past applications. They can be packed in bundles or on rails.

Rounded Corners

Corner rounding eliminates sharp 90° edges. They are created using a die cut, so they are easily paired with full bleed designs.


Labels, such as removable coupons or freshness seals, can be applied during the production process.

Inkjet Printing

Codes can be printed on the pouch during production for traceability, reward codes, or any other application.